Starting Second Year:

After spending almost three months at home, most students are itching to get back into the routine of university. As well as getting back to balancing reading with lectures, most second year students at Aston are also starting to think about their industrial placement year.

One of the main reasons I chose to study at Aston is due to its consistently above average graduate employment rate, which is mainly attributed to the university’s well established placement scheme. Although the placement year is something to look forward to, the thought of having to get stuck into application processes,interviews and assessment centers can be daunting to say the least. Fortunately, here at Aston we get more than enough support throughout the process, right from constructing the first draft of your CV to preparing for your first day. We’re given an hours talk once a week regarding placements with the content varying from where to look for a placement to constructing applications. As well as the support provided motivating us to find placements, hearing from final year students about their experiences makes the process a lot more exciting rather than daunting.

Another great thing about second year is getting to choose modules – you can start narrowing the focus of your degree to your main areas of interest. I found my first year modules – in comparison – to be more general and introductory than my modules this year. Although the work load is a lot heavier this year, my interest in these areas makes the reading a lot easier to get through and lectures more attractive to attend. Overall, although second year seems a lot scarier than first year, I’m looking forward to all the challenges I will face as a second year student.