Summer Highlights:

So this post doesn’t have an awful lot to do with University life but it’s been a while since I’ve written anything and I felt like I’d been neglecting my blog! Seeing as it’s September 1st and summer 2014 has officially come to an end I thought I’d share some highlights:

Wedding Season:

If you’re Asian, you’re certainly wedding’d out by September. Being a week long, Indian weddings are certainly stressful and tiring but they’re also a great way to spend time with family. Watching the people you grew up with graduating, getting engaged/ married and even having kids certainly brings to light how fast time is passing. I still think my cousins are 16-18 years old, seeing them reach such major milestones is the strangest thing.



Heathrow Family Fun Day:

Heathrow’s family fun day is an event held by the company to thank executive members for their efforts throughout the year. This year, executive members of the company and their families had the privilege of partaking in various activities in a location described as nothing less than impressive – the runway. Between exploring a Virgin aircraft’s cockpit, climbing an engine nacelle, driving emergency forces’ vehicles and enjoying live music as we dined, we were able to look at the breathtaking view of aircrafts taking off and landing throughout the day. Complete with a photobooth and an unlimited supply of cupcakes, the day lived up to expectations.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenges:

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Ice Bucket Challenges which are being used to raise awareness for ALS. Upon discovering the heartbreaking effects of this disease, I realised the importance of raising awareness and funds to help the ALSA in the work they do. Instead of doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, I thought I’d go a different way and share the information I found.


English Heritage Annual History Festival:

The English Heritage is an organisation responsible for the public profiles of hundreds of historical sights all over England. As well as managing the day to day of these sites, The English Heritage organise various craft fairs, the biggest being the Summer History Festival. The day was a chance to see England’s history brought to life with live encampments and battle displays dating from Roman Times to the Second World War. Filled with historic markets, live music and real ale bars the event was fully enjoyable for the entire family.




Summer is always a great chance to catch up with friends from home, especially when celebrating special occasions. It’s no secret the youngest member of the household is OBSESSED with Disney Pixar’s Cars Motion Picture and so family and friends gathered as we celebrated at a Cars themed party, complete with a Lightning McQueen cake, of course. We also saw  a 21st Birthday this holiday with celebrations at Madison’s Rooftop bar with the breathtaking view of St Paul’s Cathedral. 

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Chelsea FC Season Opener: 

For as long as I can remember, my father and his best friend have been Season ticket holders at Stamford Bridge. Coming from a family of die-hard Chelsea supporters, attending both home and away games has always been a regular occurrence. I was fortunate enough to attend the opener against Leicester City and not only enjoy our first victory of the Season but welcome back an old hero; Didier Drogba.

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