#PrayForParis ‘BUT’…

Whilst scrolling through various platforms of social media, I’ve seen an abundance of posts claiming ‘#PrayForParis but…’ then going on to draw attention to crises in the Middle East, African and Asian continents. I’d just like to take a moment to really think about what this individual is suggesting; that one tragedy holds more significance than another, that one kind of death is more painful or more important than another. You’re turning┬ásomeone’s grief into a political statement. In effect, you’re telling them this grief is misplaced because it is focusing on a Western tragedy.

As a Politics student, I am in full understanding of how bias the stories we are presented with are, how there is an imbalance of coverage from East to West but bringing this to attention during a Western tragedy is the least most effective and intelligent way to do this – by doing so, you essentially come across as ignorant, ill-informed, and above all, insensitive. Whilst you may want to bring attention to these issues, using the word ‘but’ is not the way to do this, especially in reference to another tragedy.

Let us focus on how France has helped other nations facing hardship; being the fourth largest European taker of refugees (statistics taken from and available at: Eurostat asylum applications) – France was there for others during a difficult time, so it’s only right we do the same during theirs.

I didn’t mean to offend anyone in my views, I think everyone has a right to say what they feel, though should consider the language they use when doing so.

Finally, my thoughts are with those in and around Paris, Beirut and every other nation tragedy is looming over.


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