Back in Birmingham:

If you’re living away from home, it’s quite common to move in a couple of days before the start of term to organise your living space and catch up with friends you may not have had the chance to see over summer. Naturally, I found moving in this time around exciting – as opposed to nerve wracking – seeing as I knew most of the people I was living with. As a flat, we’re quite a strange bunch. Instead of expanding upon that statement, I’ll let you see for yourself:



Summer Highlights:

So this post doesn’t have an awful lot to do with University life but it’s been a while since I’ve written anything and I felt like I’d been neglecting my blog! Seeing as it’s September 1st and summer 2014 has officially come to an end I thought I’d share some highlights:

Wedding Season:

If you’re Asian, you’re certainly wedding’d out by September. Being a week long, Indian weddings are certainly stressful and tiring but they’re also a great way to spend time with family. Watching the people you grew up with graduating, getting engaged/ married and even having kids certainly brings to light how fast time is passing. I still think my cousins are 16-18 years old, seeing them reach such major milestones is the strangest thing.



Heathrow Family Fun Day:

Heathrow’s family fun day is an event held by the company to thank executive members for their efforts throughout the year. This year, executive members of the company and their families had the privilege of partaking in various activities in a location described as nothing less than impressive – the runway. Between exploring a Virgin aircraft’s cockpit, climbing an engine nacelle, driving emergency forces’ vehicles and enjoying live music as we dined, we were able to look at the breathtaking view of aircrafts taking off and landing throughout the day. Complete with a photobooth and an unlimited supply of cupcakes, the day lived up to expectations.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenges:

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Ice Bucket Challenges which are being used to raise awareness for ALS. Upon discovering the heartbreaking effects of this disease, I realised the importance of raising awareness and funds to help the ALSA in the work they do. Instead of doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, I thought I’d go a different way and share the information I found.


English Heritage Annual History Festival:

The English Heritage is an organisation responsible for the public profiles of hundreds of historical sights all over England. As well as managing the day to day of these sites, The English Heritage organise various craft fairs, the biggest being the Summer History Festival. The day was a chance to see England’s history brought to life with live encampments and battle displays dating from Roman Times to the Second World War. Filled with historic markets, live music and real ale bars the event was fully enjoyable for the entire family.




Summer is always a great chance to catch up with friends from home, especially when celebrating special occasions. It’s no secret the youngest member of the household is OBSESSED with Disney Pixar’s Cars Motion Picture and so family and friends gathered as we celebrated at a Cars themed party, complete with a Lightning McQueen cake, of course. We also saw  a 21st Birthday this holiday with celebrations at Madison’s Rooftop bar with the breathtaking view of St Paul’s Cathedral. 

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Chelsea FC Season Opener: 

For as long as I can remember, my father and his best friend have been Season ticket holders at Stamford Bridge. Coming from a family of die-hard Chelsea supporters, attending both home and away games has always been a regular occurrence. I was fortunate enough to attend the opener against Leicester City and not only enjoy our first victory of the Season but welcome back an old hero; Didier Drogba.

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‘Take one step toward God, he takes a thousand toward you.’

University is a place where a lot of us experience new things and the impact these things have on our perspective is only really evident when we go back home away from all of these new people and places and to be honest, it’s easy to feel a little lost. This summer, I felt like I was lacking a bit of guidance and turned to the one thing that I knew would always be there for me: God. I’ve never been majorly religious, nor have I understood everything Sikhism was about but I thought becoming a Volunteer at Sikh Camp was a good place to start. Being a class assistant, I learnt so much about Sikhism from the various speakers and activities the kids took part in. Not only was I given the opportunity to broaden my perspective, learn more about Sikhism, and make friends with some amazing people, but I feel more in touch with God than I have ever before, and I love it. When you go through hardship it’s easy to look for happiness in all the wrong places only to be feeling let down and empty by the people that you thought would never do wrong by you. Religion holds me in a way that people and objects can only temporarily. Being a Volunteer at Sikh Camp this year was the most enlightening experience: I can’t wait for next year.



Results Day

Every summer students are plagued with the idea of results not going the way they planned and I feel like if I was to pass on one piece of advice from my experiences it would be: don’t panic, everything will be okay. It’s no secret that I’m a firm believer in the saying ‘Everything happens for a reason’. and I know, I know when things don’t go to plan the last thing you want to hear is something along the lines of ‘It wasn’t meant to be’ but I think whether you believe in the idea of God having a plan for you or the idea of the forces of the Universe working in mysterious ways, it all leads to the same conclusion: whatever happens, happens because it’s best for you. Ending up studying something different or studying in a different place that you hoped happens because that place will teach you something God or the Universe thinks you need to learn and feels this change is the best way for you to do so. When one door closes, another opens, but don’t make the mistake of wasting too much time staring at that closed door that you fail to see what’s right in front of you waiting for your attention.

Forces of the universe

Leicester Meets London:

Summer is a great chance to travel around the country visiting the friends you have made at University and explore some of the highlights of the cities in which they reside. When the Leicester girls came to London, we most certainly did not fall short of sites to show them; one of the best being London’s Ice Bar. Kept at –5°C all year round, the Ice Bar London is the UK’s only permanent bar made of ice. Not only is the bar itself and glasses made of ice, the tables, chairs and even walls are too. In order to keep warm in their 45 minute slot, guests are given thermal capes complete with a hood and a pair of gloves. The Ice Bar is most definitely something I would recommend to those seeking a unique experience.


What a year.

My first year at Aston University has officially come to an end and what a year it’s been. Not only did I learn more about my chosen subject areas of Politics, International Relations and Spanish but I also learnt a lot about myself from the host of challenges I faced from familiarising myself with a new city to learning how not to burn down the Lakeside residencies as I attempted to ‘cook’.

The place: Moving to Birmingham

Birmingham's Attractions

As a Londoner, I love being in a fast-moving, cosmopolitan environment and wanted a similar ethos in the city in which I chose to attend University; located in the heart of Birmingham’s city center, Aston fit the criteria perfectly. Being the second largest city in England, Birmingham has a lot to offer – from the Sea life aquarium to live music at the O2, there really is something for everyone. Aston’s campus is situated just off of James Watt Queensway putting most of Birmingham’s attractions on Aston students’ doorsteps – a short walk from both the Bullring shopping center and Broad Street – where most of Birmingham’s night life events take place. As well as being in close proximity to Birmingham’s biggest attractions, the three main train stations: Moor Street, New Street and Snow Hill are no more than a twenty minute walk from campus, connecting the University to hundreds of towns and cities all over the country – making getting home on the weekends convenient with a train journey to London being just under 90 minutes.

The people: The Lakeside family

Flat C6

The friends you make at University are seminal in shaping your University experience. From course friends to flat mates chances are almost everyone you meet is going to be new. It’s exciting meeting people from all over the country studying courses you may not have even heard of but the thought of having to work or even live with this group of people can be daunting but it’s important to remember everyone is in the same boat – they’re just as nervous as you are. Freshers’ week is a great opportunity to get to know your flatmates as you explore your surroundings as well as make friends through attending social events, fairs and meetings organised by various societies.

Being such a small University, Aston automatically creates a friendly environment with people on your course becoming familiar faces as quickly as the second week of lectures. Aston fosters a community spirit rooting namely from the small size of the University, with course friends often living in the same complexes as you and as a result sharing mutual friends. This was most definitely the case for me with my close group of friends living two floors below me in the first year with one who even studied the same course.

The course: Adjusting

The adjustment from studying in a close-knit classroom environment to reading a degree was definitely the biggest challenge I faced in my first year. Before even starting your course people around you will scare you with how little help you get with your studies in University and as I learnt at Aston – this is far from true. Help is available to anyone who seeks it; whether it be from your lecturers, personal tutor or course friends, everyone is willing to help. Balancing a work load based heavily on independent reading with a social life can be tough at first but eventually, you get the hang of things.


Aston University: An impressive location with amazing people. All in all, my first year of University is a year I will never forget – here’s some of the highlights:

End of First Year