The sky is falling:

When I open my twitter feed I can’t help but think of chicken little’s famous four words. Social media, newspapers and various other platforms are being drowned in passionate views on the recent referendum – which is great to see at such a momentous time like this – though I feel some of us ought to be reminded the line between passionate and aggressive can often become blurred, especially when you are met with responses you don’t necessarily agree with.

The contentious nature of politics leads many to argue it is something which should not be discussed in social settings, though I disagree in that it should be discussed, but regarded with the utmost diligence; being mindful of the rights, freedoms and feelings of others. Freedom of speech is just as much of a democratic right as voting a certain way in a referendum; you have every right to articulate yourself on any platform you choose, as long as you put some thought into the way this is done.

Yes, the state is currently in shambles, though the way we handle this as individuals has a great impact on the way this event is recorded in history. We’re so fortunate to be experiencing this at a time where social platforms provide us with a space to have a voice so that we don’t have to take to the streets, rioting with unclear messages. By all means if you think your physical presence is the best way to express yourself, I strongly urge you to protest peacefully, as many great figures in history have, where messages are clearly thought out instead of an act of aggression.

The sky may be falling, but above it is unknown space that we have the power to determine the nature of.