Diya 2015:

This March, Aston’s Hindu Society celebrated the tenth anniversary of their annual fundraising event, Diya at Birmingham’s Tower Ballroom. Diya presents students with the chance to experience the Indian culture by dressing in traditional clothing and enjoying an Indian three course meal whilst fundraising for great causes. The two main charities Diya fundraised for this year were first, the Divya Seva Foundation which looks to empower underprivileged and marginalized communities in less developed countries by providing the means for better education, health care and clothing. Secondly, Teenage Cancer Trust which looks to improve the services available and provide life-changing care and support for young people fighting cancer in the UK.

Throughout the evening we were reminded of these causes and the amazing work these charities do to help fight the problems in today’s society. One of the moments that really stuck with me from this event was a phrase from a speech made by the Vice President of Aston’s Hindu Society in which she said:

‘the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’

and I couldn’t agree more. Thinking about the work these foundations do and how important humanitarian aid is in helping shape you as a person, I got thinking about how I could spend this summer doing exactly that. I’ve always admired Aston’s Hindu Society for the pride they take in helping others and am happy to say they have inspired me to do the same.

With an array of catwalks, presentations, dancers and singers; a delicious three course meal; candy floss and popcorn stands upon arrival, Diya certainly lived up to all its expectations. Congratulations to the 2014/15 committee  of Aston’s biggest society for pulling off their biggest event. Diya 2015 was most definitely a success.