Congratulations to my brother Jas and beautiful new bhabi (sister-in-law) Kiran! I’m so happy you found each other; your wedding was out of this world. Can’t wait to return to Canada soon; hopefully for your baby shower in a couple of months’ time! #JKBabyShowerSoonCome #GetAMoveOn

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Salamanca, Ávila, Sevilla, Segovia, Cádiz & Granada!

The past few weeks have been CRAZY. Trying to balance uni work with preparing for weekend travels throughout the busy week has left me burnt out. I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired but being able to visit these beautiful cities and villages and make memories with some of the best people I’ve ever met makes every minute of this exhaustion worth it… here’s a few highlights:


Plaza Mayor at night & Convento de San Esteban (Los Dominicos) hallway and terrace (not Hogwarts)

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Underground wall museum & Saint Vincent Basilica

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Sevilla: The most beautiful place I have ever seen; my favourite place in the world!

Catedral de Sevilla, Alcazar de Sevilla, Plaza de Espana

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Catedral de Segovia & Aqueduct de Segovia

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Plaza de Espana, ferry from El Puerto de Santa Maríá, sunset on the beach

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Alhambra, Arab Region & Catedral de Granada

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#Antes que morir, quiero…

Whilst in Gran Vía for brunch, a friend and I came across a pop-up event entitled ‘Antes que morir, quiero..’ a phrase which translates to mean ‘Before I die, I want to..’ which ended up being a wall full of individuals’ thoughts on exactly this, in several different languages.

After some more research, it came to my attention that this movement was an international project started by artist Candy Chang in New Orleans which quickly spread all over the world.


Photo 31-10-2015, 14 46 35