A piece of paper:


That piece of paper we are handed on results day has too much power over us. We lose sleep over it. We doubt our abilities over it. We accredit the day to being either the worst or best day of our lives because of it. When, in reality, it’s just a piece of paper.

Some of us take comfort in the saying ‘everything for a reason’ and that’s enough to subside the anxiety this day thrusts upon us. For those who can’t help but look beyond this, I remind you to look at the bigger picture. Yes, these are an important indication on what to do next – they help us see where our strengths and weaknesses are, where we are excelling and where we are not, what steps we should take to getting our lives on the track we want them on. They do not, however, mean you are dumb, or incapable or unworthy.

If they went as planned, great. If they did not go as planned, also great. The truth is the reason this day is so important is because it’s the first time in your life you are actually in the drivers seat – you’re in a situation and have to decide how to move forward, by listening to your instinct and exploring your options – decisions others can help you with, but can’t make for you.

Someone once told me you learn more from failure than you ever do from success, and this is a prime example of this saying in action; the way you handle this day says a thousand times more about you than this piece of paper will.